OMG! Gossip box @5th day of BISMUN

Human Rights Council gossipbpx

  1. The delegation of Latvia and the Russian Federation should go to Eurovision as a group.
  2. Latvia was on fire yesterday!
  3. I love you all, the best committee is HRC! I am sorry I had to go sooner L xoxo from Denisa from Press
  4. Such a nice skirt! (Andreea the assistant)
  5. Congo, please stop being so you!
  6. The delegation of Russia is the best dancer ever! Shake it, baby!
  7. Indonesia’s and Philippines’ makeup is on FLEEK
  8. France, you did a great job! We all thank you!
  9. Hey, guys from press and stuff! It’s about time to write something for you. Great job! Keep going with this attitude!
  10. France and Ethiopia have hidden dancing skills. Imagine them drunk.
  11. Missing Venezuela right now! In dire need of a gossip session!
  12. Cuba, get well soon! We love you!
  13. Ioana has crazy dance moves
  14. Sebi is so handsome!
  15. Russia, I love you! You are so hot!
  16. USA and UK – best couple!
  17. We have short memories.
  18. Andreea is amazing!
  19. Indonesia has a great ass!
  20. Maldives is so silent, we don’t even know she exists sometimes
  21. Everything’s gone to shit
  22. China&Algeria, you have my support!

    Security Council

    1. Dimitris, you are so lovely. I would like to be one of your friends.
    2. Zacharopoulos was wandering around the committees asking for favorable comments.
    3. Yolanda, you are the best chair.
    4. The Chair of Security Council (Dimitris) is gorgeous and the best dancer.
    5. Zacharopoulos -by far the sexiest chairperson.
    6. Dimitris, the chairman, is so f***ing HOT!!!
    7. Yolanda is the hottest chair I’ve ever seen! (not by France)
    8. Ukraine is hot!


      1. To some girls in this committee, the only thing I would like to say is that, I want to moderate their caucus.
      2. Last night’s social event was LIT. I hope tonight’s is even better!
      3. Sometimes the Russia Federation speaks faster than the Americans. Do you get everything?
      4. The delegate of Cuba looks like Kal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
      5. The guy from Pakistan is very cool. I would like to see him sing some Greek songs. I am sure he would rock it! Visit Greece.
      6. Max is cute…. when he’s silent. J
      7. Talking about terrorist disarmament after that amount of wine should be considered illegal
      8. The girl from the Press Team in DISEC looks like Emma Stone! <3
      9. Do you guys also watch survivor in your countries? In Greece it’s a national obsession right now.
      10. I (we) would like to raise a motion for a date with Italy back in Athens.
      11. India looks like the perfect combination of cute and smart.
      12. From this committee I’ll miss the most South Africa’s….shoes!
      13. USA hasn’t said the phrase “big league” and that makes me sad. TRUMP2020, TRUMP2024, TRUMP 2028…TRUMP2100!
      14. USA immune to hangovers. OMG!- Holy See
      15. We will leave our bombs here. Finish now and get it done. (In Greek, yes we also speak it. Thank you, delegate of Red Cross)
      16. We already miss Alexandra L L
      17. At the punishment… Venezuela finally spoke.
      18. Pashtunstan forever!!
      19. My name is Athanasa and I’m the best in the world at what I do.
      20. Very wrong plastic glass shape( and dangerous)
      21. Egypt can’t get over yesterday’s hangover. He is sleepy all day!
      22. Good looks and intelligence always work on girls… you should add modesty to work on women too J
      23. Hangover chairpersons want to reach consensus, SO BAD today!
      24. Pakistan has a sooo bad hangover!! Cheers
      25. Pashtun for the win.
      26. Max future member of the UN

        CRISIS Committee

        1. “Please, use the gossip box ”- Best chair at BISMUN
        2. “You are the most handsome and smart guy in crisis, USA”- A secret fan from UNEP
        3. “Yolanda, it is obvious that you are frustrated with the absence of Hasan. At this point, I have to admit that Hasan is so sweet…”
        4. “I like Yolanda’s tight dress too bad she didn’t stand more in the middle of the room so I could have a better view.”
        5. “Yolanda, I admire you. You are such a focused business woman.”
        6. “Chinese people shall visit Japan before Japan visits you.”
        7. “Best committee ever!”


      1. Best dressed delegate-Croatia
      2. USA, I want to see you naked at the closing ceremony
      3. Why does Hungary always make annoyed and sad expressions when someone speaks?
      4. Ireland you have to chill out, You are not well dressed
      5. Saudi Arabia, why are you red? Karamanlikos not a communist
      6. Krystallenia you are the best chair and I want to marry you. Break up with the awesome French guy.
      7. Egypt, do you want to moderate my caucus? Because I want to moderate yours
      8. Saudi Arabia I want to make you all 50 shades of grey
      9. Panayiotis for PRESIDENT!
      10. Staff members you are the best. Nothing could have been achieved without your help. Kisses to all
      11. Japan you have to live with it. Your name is Panagiatis.
      12. The stuff guy is very hotSOCHUM

        1. Afghanistan and Colombia should speak more often, they have great ideas and excellent discourse
        2. Dear delegate of Qatar, you deserve a compliment for your mysterious voice and your eyes. You look like an interesting person.
        3. India’s intelligence and hotness continually reinforce each other.
        4. Dear delegate of Kazakhstan, you are the most beautiful delegate. I think you deserve an award as ‚,the Beautiful-est” in our committee. P.S: so hot, too…J
        5. I’d like an unmoderated caucus with China 😉
        6. USA: Everyday better socks! You rock!! PS: so sexy….
        7. Egypt has awesome shoes.
        8. Colombia is the lucky delegate because he gets to sit between China and Cuba. Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!
        9. France & Qatar are you gays dating?
        10. Dear India, happy 7 month anniversary with your BF :*
        11. Delegate of France, you are the best delegate for me!
        12. Most beautiful delegate South Korea! Joking he is the worst.
        13. NEW COUPLE ALERT: France & Germany!
        14. Russia your tie is not straight!!
        15. Remember: If you are the best dressed or the worst dressed, the most pretty etc… It is actually pointless in real life. It is the inside that counts.
        16. Argentina is by far the best dressed delegate in our committee.
        17. The delegation of Israel is kinda out of policy because she wants to build strong bounds – like really really strong and hot ones – with the delegation of Ukraine.
        18. Belgium is such a cute and delicate girl. You go girl!
        19. France is the next world dictator.
        20. Guess what, Saudi Arabia is such a good delegate, he could also be in charge of every draft, but he knows how to COOPERATE!!!!
        21. Dear everybody in SOCHUM. One of our chair is one and a half hour late! I mean what a chair.
        22. USA, bitch please you’re the worst DIVA ever!
        23. The U.S being cocky a.f.
        24. Like really tho…Afghanistan hair sucks!
        25. China is hot as hell.
        26. Mr France, I will wait till you are old enough.
        27. Let the delegate of Yemen to dance again in the council. She’s such a hottie.ECOSOC


          1. What’s going on between Ana and Robin?
          2. I see Pakistan is missing, maybe Italy knows where he is
          3. Where’s Serbia? I miss the delegation of Serbia, he’s such a hottie
          4. Serbia is a hottie, but he’s still arrogant
          5. Robin looks so good with that shirt and the tie
          6. Chile is fucking intense
          7. Czech Republic is such a good speaker
          8. I want robin to spank me
          9. Serbia, will you marry me?
          10. OMG India, I love your bracelets
          11. Really Russian federation? Adidas?
          12. We love gossip
          13. Is robin really single?
          14. Czech Republic is sooo handsome
          15. Chile, why are you so aggressive?
          16. Chile is the next dictator
          17. Serbia and Iraq are both late, is this this a coincidence?
          18. Algeria is really cute

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