A New Day: Morning Session in ECOSOC

IMG_1843The morning session continues the debates from the Day I. The delegates share their hope for collaboration on the refugee crisis issue. The main idea of the debate is that all the delegates show their interest to cooperate in order to discover a efficient solutions for the refugee crisis issue. The debaters discuss very hard on the topic of the situation of the refugees. There are represented many different points of view. The debaters shared a large variety of proposals regarding the refugee crisis issue.


At the beginning of the morning session the delegates had proposed to read the two drafts of the project of a resolution created by the delegates of Argentina and Germany and to discuss them after. For example in the resolution presented by the delegate from Argentina an important idea is based on international collaboration between all countries in order to solve the refugee crisis. Also the delegate from Germany considers that I.M.F. and World Bank should finance the international attempts to provide help for refugees from around the world.  Australia invites all delegations to be united in actions to help the refugees. In this order of ideas the delegate from Australia remembered the other delegations that the Australian government has increased the number of accepted refugees with 12.000 more. In contrast, the delegate from Germany considers that the quotas of refugees imposed for countries are a variant that is not very efficient due to the fact that the discussion is about the people that are forced to live there.


The debaters discuss very active and this is a very positive aspect. As an example I can mention the two unmoderated debate that took place before the first coffee break. Both unmoderated discourses can be characterized as very productive. Each delegate express the opinion of its country delegation. Each of the opinions has a lot in common but they have also many differences at some points. For example some delegates had expressed the idea that it is better to create some general aspects of the refugee crisis issue and then to relate them to the Syrian refugee issue. Also during the unmoderated discussions the debaters took into account the financial issues that must be analyzed by the delegates. Also the delegates had a discussion based on the topic B of the ECOSOC committee here at BISMUN 2016.

The discussion that took place after the first coffee-break began with a debate on the topic of the statute for refugees from Middle East, Africa who are going to Europe and the refugees from other continents. The German delegate has pointed that to split the topic between the refugees from the Middle East and Africa on one side and the refugees from other continents is not an efficient solutions for the debates. Also, the Estonian delegates expressed the idea that debater should concentrate on the attempts to negotiate the statute of Syrian refugees and to contribute to create a resolution on the statute of the Syrian refugees from around the world. German delegate expressed the position of the delegation of Germany that consider that the situation of the Syrian refugees is different than the situation of the refugees from around the world. Estonian delegate has pointed that it is not possible to solve the refugee situation using general ideas and stated that the International Community should tackle the source and after this all the countries will deal with the problems. Also the Estonian delegate has invited the other delegations to collaborate in attempts to tackle this issue.


As you can see, the discussions during the morning session were characterized by strong determination of the delegates. Also the academic level of the debates was at a high level. The largest part of the delegates are informed very well and are exposing the points of view of their delegation clearly and concise and this is a very good aspect because it is easier to understand all the ideas exposed by each delegate.  The delegates were engaged in discussions and I was very happy to see them working hard and that nobody could disturb them.


By Cazacu Gheorghe
ECOSOC Press Officer


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