Immediately after the lunch break, a motion for a moderated caucus was proposed by the USA, on the topic of environmental degradation and how developing countries can protect themselves from it. The delegate of Sudan spoke 3 times and insisted upon challenges such as the unsanitary conditions existent in countries such as her own. Switzerland spoke twice and insisted upon the need to support green energy companies, as well as the importance of environmental sustainability.The United Kingdom mentioned SDG 6 of the 2030 agenda, relating to clean water and sanitation throughout the world. Rwanda spoke about how important clean soil and water are for all countries involved and, through all of this, the delegate of the USA was forced by the circumstances to clarify his position twice.

Another topic proposed by the USA for a moderated caucus was the further implementation of Sustainable Development Goal framework targets. Australia suggested consultations with local governments and the private sector, so as to build resiliance against natural hazards, as well as the importance of OECD partnerships. The UK spoke twice and encouraged all countries to develop their own national platforms. The delegate of France said she was committed to implementing framework, understanding disaster risks and imposing educational programs in schools, so that the population at large might be informed of these issues.

Brazil said countries should counteract disastrous governance and better forecast extreme weather events. Sweden added that knowledge is a key to solving problems. Switzerland lamented that good management systems are not available all around the world, after which an unmoderated caucus was proposed, and extended three times.

At the end of all these unmoderated caucuses, the first draft resolution was put together, In this sense, all delegates were free to voice their opinions and concerns, and gathered around a number of laptops, some ideas were put forward and accepted by the rest of the group. Opinions were voiced throughout the room on how far the delegates were able to come today in terms of achieving their reolution drafting goals. It remains to be seen what will happen during the next few days of committee debates, and how far these delegates and this committee will come in solving problems close at hand. In the end, just before the session was adjourned, Switzerland said it’s only raw material, but they will make more progress tomorrow.



BY Alex Covaci, ECOSOC Press Officer

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