DSC_1911This morning SOCHUM delegates agreed that we must turn our attention bock on finding solutions to violence against woman in conflict zones. The delegates made a point to stress the need to approach an innovative manner of thought. The USA’s delegate expressed his belief that the UN must establish new departments which will offer help for woman as well as men. He also stressed that all nations should criminalize sexual violence. The harmonization of legal procedures concerning crimes against woman by all member states was later defended by France and India. This appeared to be the only common view of these countries. Afterwards the two delegations entered a heated debate regarding western imperialism which almost degenerated into an insult match.

Moreover, the majority of the delegations appeared to agree on the importance of extending the monitoring of violence against woman and children.The delegate of South Korea declared that a very important measure that must be taken is criminalization of alcohol and drug use by soldiers. The same delegate stated the need of creating an international donating system in order to raise funds for the protection of woman.

An important point raised was the need to enforce demilitarization zones for furthering woman education in conflict affected areas. This zones will also represent an escape from conflict and violence. The delegate of Iran declared that the enforcing of demilitarization zones is imposable without infringing on national sovereignty. Answering this, the delegate of France declared that human rights suppress national sovereignty. The delegation of Saudi Arabia took offense at this affirmation and told the Committee that the topic is used as a reason to slam the religion of Islam. It seems that the religious talk could not stay out of this session as well, the participants having spent a number of caucuses to debate this problem.

After a couple more unmoderated caucuses, the Committee seems to have divided into two blocks, each supporting its own working paper. A point that seems to separate them is the establishment of women only available positions. In this way the woman affected by conflict will be able to make their voice heard and feel empowered. The delegations against this stressed that this is gender discrimination, as both gender suffer and need equal help.

We all hope that, after the lunch break, the delegates will reach a common view and vote accordingly on an agreed resolution. We shall wait and see.

By Bălan Oana, SOCHUM Press Officer.

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