The morning session, here at HRC, started with an un-moderated caucus in order to discuss and send amendments to the draft resolution. The delegation of Italy is the one who decides if the amendments are friendly or not and if they are,  they must be added on the paper. After this procedure, they continued to vote the resolution.

After the voting, the delegates proceeded to discuss the second topic “Equitable representation of minorities in domestic government”. The countries presented their positions and after this, they started a moderated caucus to discuss the factors that affected the representation of minorities in government. The USA delegate stated that the minorities feel discouraged to get into politics as they feel that they don’t have a say, and a possible solution would be the encouragement from the majorities in order to get involved. Germany explained their beliefs that minorities’ poor representation is due to their lower incomes. The delegation of USA raised a motion for discussing the idea of the representation of ethnic minorities. They started by explaining that the differences in mentality should be an advantage, as people differs from one another point of views. Moreover, UK stressed the idea that the representation of minorities in the government is important in order for the ethnics to have a political represantative who fights for their rights. The delegations of Italy and USA encouraged the minorities to be united and get involved in the domestic governments. The delegate of Poland approached the fact that the ethnic minorities’ voices “have to be heard”, a statement which the delegation of UK agrees with and to which it adds: “We should really encourage them because the minorities need have the right to a better lives and better representation at a governmental level.” Other delegates stated that the minorities need a special group that will ensure support and representation.

After the lunch break, another issue that was brought up was that of the representation of disabled people who should be better represented, as well. The delegates suggested better education and that every country should do every possible thing in order to help them. This discussion was followed by a series of un-moderated caucuses in order to create the working paper for the resolution.  During the moderated caucus that regarded the outcomes of the un-moderated caucuses the UK delegation presented the working paper and its solutions. When introducing the draft resolution, the delegate of UK spoke in favor and pointed out the most important things such as the fact that the solutions can be implemented in all countries. The delegate of Saudi Arabia stressed that some of the solutions found are not according some of the countries’ religious views.

It came as a surprise for everybody, but the Council managed to vote the second resolution! It was a very productive day here in the HRC!

By Teodora-Ioana Fediuc  & Valentina- Codruta Guzischi, HRC Press Officers

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