After 10 consecutive years of promoting UN values through MUN conferences,  BISMUN returns this year with a new look and a brand new vision on implementing the UN system both  globally and locally.

This year’s  BISMUN kicked off at the Elisabeta Theatre where the Opening Ceremony was held. We had the pleasure of hearing from H.E. Bogdan Aurescu, Presidential Advisor and President of UN Youth Romania Scientific Council, Mr. Dan Neculăescu, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Borbély László, State Advisor, Government of Romania, Mr. Vahe Hovakimyan, Founding President of UN Youth Romania, Ms. Kelli-Anne Tim, Secretary-General of BISMUN 2019, Ms. Ioana Dospinescu, Conference Manager of BISMUN 2019 and President of UN Youth Romania.

Every single one of our esteemed guests took a stance on this year’s theme, which focused on partnership in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  Ms Ioana Dospinescu opened the ceremony, by describing the importance of BISMUN, with it being the association’s famous project and the biggest MUN in Romania, bringing together participants from all over the world. As she continued to moderate the conversation, it was Mr. Borbély László, State Advisor to the Romanian government’s turn  to touch on why the youth has such as an important role in making sure solutions to the problems raised by the 2030 Agenda are found.

For those less familiar with how the association came to be, Mr. Vahe Hovakimyan, Founding President of UN Youth Romania explained how BISMUN Association grew into UN Youth, from its beginnings to the present day  as well as the importance of volunteering and how it shapes young people.

Reinforcing the idea of partnership, H.E. Bogdan Aurescu, Presidential Advisor and President of UN Youth Romania Scientific Council and  Dan Neculăescu, State Secretary for  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs both graced us with their presence, continuing to show  tremendous support for what BISMUN has to offer to the participants, on an academic level, and for the existence of such an empowering initiative in Romania,

Last but not least, in her inspiring speech, the Secretary General, Miss Kelly-Anne Tim emphasised global partnership for sustainable development as follows: “That selfish interest of one nation must not hinder the progress of our global community. Though young, we have the opportunity to change the path that we are on.”



Prior to the Opening Ceremony, we  gained more input on the magnitude of BISMUN, from the delegates’ perspective, who were more than generous to answer a few  of our questions:

 How many MUNs have you been to?

We’ve been to three MUNs until now, and this is our first time at BISMUN, and our first time a MUN in Romania, as we’re both Greeks.

What are your expectations for this MUN?

I don’t really have expectations for the conference, as every conference has something different to offer. I just want to enjoy it and have fun.

This is my second BISMUN, and my seventh MUN overall. Of course, the pleasant experience of the first BISMUN has brought me here.
I feel BISMUN differentiates from other MUNs by the standards of preparation and organising. It is a much larger and qualitative event.I chose the Crisis comittee because of two previous unpleasant experiences with the same committee. Now, as I trust BISMUN for offering me the best experience, I will truly see if Crisis is my kind of committee or not. (Daniel Georgescu, the delegate of China in the Crisis Committee)

To conclude, the ceremony was the first step of this complex journey that we call BISMUN,  an opportunity for knowledge and awareness of important issues  to  be brought into the spotlight.


Written by Ioana Florescu and Sabin Roca, Press Officers


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