DSC_1893The morning meeting started in force despite the fact that delegates stayed until the morning to celebrate the Romanian culture with a wild party. Lasts night’s Romanian Hora –traditional dance- was an amazing view, but fun must end and serious matters must come forefront.

Italy promotes a strategy in which countries raise awareness in schools and fortify the proper values for the youth regarding the weapons safety and usage, whereas Pakistan suggested the permission of Talibans to enter in the UN as observers (motion that was denied given the fact that it’s not in the Committees’ power to enforce it). During a moderated Caucasus, Russia suggested that the best way to deal with the issue is to combine the power of UN organisms, Interpol and Europol, proposal saluted by the delegation of Australia. United States, on the other hand, wants to focus on the surveillance part by creating a list of terrorist organizations in order to be managed better. The Israel delegation is very keen in discovering the key elements of today’s life and stated that the social networks represents a focal point in the recruitment strategy of the terrorist organizations and wants to closely monitor the activity and traffic of the networks. Spain was on the same page with Italy when they iterated the importance of defending the youth against radical idealism < if we can influence our citizens, we can proof them from radicalization and that can be done only by intensive presence in youth’s lives>

            More concrete measures were suggested by the delegations of the Holy See, Germany and Iran; Vatican considers that border controls should be increased and urges the creation of regional and interregional agreements and financial aid in order for everyone be harmonized in this matter. German delegation is willing to offer the power of Joint Internet Centre for cyber threats and motorization of Islamic networks for this matter and Iran pursuits the strong approach of increased military presence in countries in which terrorist organizations operate.

After a series of unmoderated talks, the delegates started drafting a working paper and now we patiently wait for the results. What future brings is uncertain for now, but from what we’ve seen, it will certainly be a high quality result.

By Tiplea Paul Dragomir, DISEC Press Officer

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