Draft Resolution in ECOSOC, on the topic of First Generation Immigrants

In this second day of ECOSOC the delegates concentrated their stamina and creativity into putting together all convictions regarding the topic of 1st generation immigration to form a final resolution.

The delegate of Chile made a powerful comment earlier this day, which was an authentic game changer, stating that offering larger recognition for diplomas and qualifications for immigrants could be essential for a future integration tactic. This was the triggering phrase for many delegations which applauded the concept suggested, leading to a fiercely debate about the methodology of how to implement Chile’s idea.

Not yet to be forgotten is the remarkable speech held by Marius Mocanu, the director of International Organisation for Migration, who provoked the participants to discuss aspects they might have overlooked, offering a memorable quote:

“It’s easy to hate, to talk about everything you do not know about, and it does not cost any money”.

By the meanings of the previous subtle irony, Mister Mocanu managed to have a great impact on the people present, capturing the essence of how the discrimination of immigrants works.

The tension rose to such high levels that one could almost cut it with a knife, hence education and unequal treatments are not only sensitive, but also complex issues.

Thus having analyzed all these rounds of deliberation, all parties succeeded in cooperating, which led to them coming up with a draft resolution under the circumstances of great pressure and numerous conflicts of interests.

by Ana Combei, ECOSOC Press Officer

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