After a long and fun  night and the fruitful debates from the previous day, the delegates gathered together again today and are ready to vote the points written in the draft and to establish the final resolution. They are eager to reach a consensus in order to find clear, applicable and viable solutions for our first main topic: developing disaster risk reduction capabilities on areas affected by natural hazards. The debaters have a hard mission, but a fulfilling one which really challenge them to do sacrifices and to work together for the greater good of the humanity. They will also have to approach the second topic of this committee: assuring and fostering reconstruction and sustainable development in post conflict areas. The emotions and the nervousness were obvious from the first seconds of the negotiations, but our delegates are ready to do their best!

The third day in ECOSOC started with two moderated caucuses on the topics of the first steps which should be taken in reconstruction of the affected areas and the economic development in post conflict areas. UK, Switzerland, Greece, France and Germany are in conflict about what is more important: the economic or the social side of the problem. Greece states that political stability is the first step in gaining economic development. In the same direction, France proposes the reinforcement of the banking system and creating work places in order to build a sustainable society. The delegate of UK claims that the transport system is the one which give us access to all the other facilities. She also adds the importance of health and education and is sustained by Costa Rica, who says: “We cannot have economic development without the social part of the society!” and brings in the discussion the word STABILITY. UK strongly agrees that stability should be the first concern, as a post conflict area is too damaged to think about development.

Another intense debate is held concerning the foreign help. The delegate of Germany thinks that it is dangerous to let other countries to interfere in their own economy. UK and France violently disagree as they think that the foreign aid is not necessary or, in case of its existence, it is useless. Furthermore, there is no danger in accepting it, as it is not a threat for a country’s economy. Portugal also states: “We need micro-economy before macro-economy can be acquired!”

Our day continues with the second moderated caucus. As a method for economic development, France proposes the reinforcement of the economic capital which is always vulnerable, while Switzerland advices the opening of an international trading community. The delegate of Finland says that a good idea would be, giving loans to the countries affected by conflicts.

Before the launch break, an un-moderated caucus was proposed in order to arrive at the final version on the resolution concerning the first topic of this committee. These fruitful negotiations led to reaching a common ground in order to vote the final draft resolution.

Our participants are eager to continue the debates on the second topic of the committee and solve the issues it implies. But will they manage to put aside their differences and reach consensus?

We will find out soon!

By Andreea Mazga, ECOSOC Press Officer

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