ECOSOC – a Bit of Tension but Still Unusually Calm

Today’s debate started with a noisy Unmoderated Caucus. The committee has split in two alliances and things are heating up while the countries concentrate on their Working Papers. It’s all hustle and bustle in the ECOSOC committee, every single delegate is active and contributing to the discussion!

Moderated Caucuses on the state of the private sector and on sexual harassment at the workplace also took place and great ideas have been shared. It’s been reminded that female entrepreneurs are not so frequent, and women should also be encouraged to start their business, and that one of the main reasons sexual harassment still takes place is because women are afraid to speak up, they don’t know where to go and whose support they’ve got. Solutions have also been discussed, with the delegate of China stating that women should benefit from lower interest rates when applying for loans, mothers should benefit from lower taxes in their first few years, and the delegate of Germany proposing that more female officers are employed in the responsible bodies.

One of the alliances, containing the majority of the delegates, of which most are European, is actually pushing off the countries of the other alliance!

The delegate of China puts this on the part of geographical conditions and different mentalities but is still optimistic that they will find common ground and is willing to cooperate, because, as the name of the UN implies, we must stay united and find the best solution for each one of us. However, they also stated they have some positions they are not going to retreat from.

The delegate of Germany, from the larger alliance, states that they have grouped not only by geographical position, but also by the criteria of development of the countries. Some developing countries came under the wing of the developed ones by joining their alliance and together they managed to write a working paper balanced around every delegate’s opinions and ideas. Germany believes in a draft resolution merging the ideas of both the working papers and is thus willing to cooperate in the same manner that China does.

The Topic Area is now changing, moving on to Ensuring food security in war zones. The General Speaker’s List begins, and the delegates present their opening speeches, having set a blazing short window of 30 seconds per speaker. Countries like Denmark affirm great involvement in the issue by their principles of defending human rights and are willing to invest in affected zones.

A Moderated Caucus on Contribution of developed countries to existing food programs begins. The delegates of Denmark and China mention that Food insecurity is not only an issue of availability, but also of accessibility. Destruction of infrastructure in war affected zones is a huge problem that limits the accessibility and constrains the distribution network to the vulnerable population, and infrastructure should be reconstructed in these conflict areas.

South Korea also discusses the issue of accessibility and proposes the cooperation of NGOs and UN so that humanitarian aid can reach these places, the volunteers can be safe and the civilians in unsafe zones can be properly nourished.

Ireland puts the accent not only on providing food but on doing so in a qualitative manner. All countries should take in consideration the quality and nutritional value of the food they bring in.

The last session of the day approaches its end, and the delegates have once again been productive towards solving the topics presented. At the half of BISMUN 2019, the ECOSOC committee is still going strong and never stops working!


Written by Costescu Andrei, Press Officer

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