ECOSOC Committee Morning Session – Day I

The Economic and Social Committee morning session started this morning with a Mock Session with the participation of the chairpersons Jason Southcott, Vlad Dragus and a Minister of Foreign Affairs delegate.

IMG_1751The speakers are truly hopeful that this session will be a productive one. Mainly, the mock Session discussion was based on the debate regarding the superiority of the smartphones in nowadays society. Also a part of the debate was based on a comparison between different types of smartphones. During the discussion the delegate of MFA shared his own experience as a politician in the attempts to solve different issues in his political career. The MFA representant has also discussed about the importance of using mass-media resources in modern life. According to the MFA representant we are not able to offer now some solutions to solve the important issues that are on the agenda of BISMUN 2016 Conference in Bucharest. In this order of ideas he argues that the discussion is located now at the beginning.

Also The MFA delegate shared his hope that the ECOSOC Committee will have strong and serious debates regarding the issues of radicalization of the youth and regarding the issue on the topic about “Regulating Refugees Flows: International and National Financial support”.  Vlad also expressed his optimism regarding the conference and the debates that will take place at ECOSOC Committee in Constantin Stere Hall at BISMUN. At the end of the discourses of chairpersons the participants began to present their life experience in few words.

The variety of the fields studied by the participants will give to the debaters the opportunity to share their opinion, to take into account other opinions. It also gives a chance to the debaters to discuss all the issues in a much broader way.

The participants debated on various aspects based on the topic of “Regulating Refugees Flows: International and National Financial support”. Delegates have discussed the financial issues that should be taken into the account in attempts to understand the refugee crisis. Also the desire of the participants is to find favorable solutions for the refugee crisis.

The delegates proved to be very active when it came to sharing the opinion of the countries which they are representing. The positions presented during the morning session were various. We heard delegates who treated the subject from an economical perspective while others paid more attention to financial or social issues. Also the topic based on the education of the refugees was presented during the first hours of the debate.

In order to make some conclusions of the first hours, we should say that this is a good ground for the upcoming debates. The debaters have passed the emotions from the beginning and now they are speaking freely and concise. This is a good beginning and we are sure that it will only get better and better!




By Cazacu Gheorghe and Teodora Fediuc

ECOSOC Committee Press Officers

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