ECOSOC Final Day – Bracing Ourselves for the Resolution

A Draft Resolution in the ECOSOC committee is blooming and taking shape, on Topic A: is Establishing an international framework for encouraging women’s economic empowerment. What the delegates have been preparing and keeping out of the hands of the press is finally being revealed!

The Draft Resolution touches a lot and maybe all the needed points for the issue in question. For example, it requests the creation of educational programs for women from disadvantaged social environments and Recommends the implementation of laws and regulations that guarantee decent working conditions and employment benefits for women, such as decent wages, paid overtime work, adequate breaks and retirement benefits, as well as many other useful and inclusive clauses.

South Korea starts the game, by proposing a Roll Call Vote…

…Aaaaand, the resolution passes! Hooray! A round of applauses follows. France, China and South Korea have been recorded giving their final thoughts on the debate and resolution in a few press statements, which will be posted soon.

Likewise, the Draft Resolution on Topic B, Ensuring food security in war zones¸ also came together. It supports: the importance of implementing policies for reducing taxes and trade restrictions and prioritizing food transportation and free trade; the use of innovative methods and supplements such as water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins with the aid of international medical organizations (Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement) and many other important humanitarian actions. The clauses have been promptly presented, and then the resolution was as promptly voted by the majority!

With the Topic B also resolved, the serious work for the ECOSOC committee in this edition of BISMUN has pretty much ended, and the chairs are moving on to the Funny Awards! Lots of titles have been given to the delegates like the Best Dressed Delegate (China & Brazil), The Most Likely To End Up in Jail (UK), The Most Likely To Become A Dictator (Denmark), The Best Dance Moves (South Korea) and even The Best Couple (the Chairs).

Moreover, because they finished with the resolution so quickly, the delegates and chairs played a game of “Never have I ever” (with water, of course) in the remaining time, before saying in unison: “Motion to adjourn the meeting!”

Congrats to the winners of the Funny Awards, congrats to the most serious and powerful debaters too, but regardless, congrats to all the delegates in ECOSOC for making this committee such a great and memorable experience in all these days! P.S. Good luck tomorrow at the real awards.


Written by Costescu Andrei, Press Officer

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