ECOSOC – Financial aid- essential in managing the situation of the refugees

IMG_1896This afternoon gave us a very fruitful debate in the ECOSOC. The session started with an unmoderated caucus on topic A, Regulating refugees flow: International and national financial aid support. The delegates started the discussion by stating their position upon the importance of creating criteria for accepting the refugees in the countries which accept them. They addressed statements about the countries from which the refugees should be, numbers of persons, etc.

The delegates were extremely involved in the discussion. They discussed the working paper submitted by the delegate of Argentina, by adding new statements and scratching some of the existing ones. The delegate of Argentina proposed that all the countries should contribute to UNHCR and NGOs in order to get the needed funds. Other suggestions were made to make sure that refugees’ rights will be respected and they will not be in danger in any way during their asylum.

The delegate of United Kingdom suggested that funds should be allocated for the child refugees: “The children are the ones that suffer most. We need to allocate funds for education, health and care system in order to make their integration and life easier”.

During an unmoderated caucus, requested by the delegate of United Kingdom, the delegates debated about where the funds should go and how to get the sums which are needed in order to create conditions for the refugees. They also brought up the problem of youth marriage and child labor.

The ECOSOC Committee tries its best in order to submit solutions to create better conditions for both the refugees and the host countries. We are extremely curious to see what is going to happen next because the debates become more and more productive!

By Teodora- Ioana Fediuc
ECOSOC Press Officer

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