Today will be a very important day at ECOSOC Committee at 2016 BISMUN Conference. The delegates will have a very difficult mission. The debaters still haven’t finished discussing Topic A “Regulating refugee flows: International and National Financial Support” and we don’t have to forget that they have to proceed to Topic B “Developing a coherent international strategy for the prevention of the radicalization of youth”. This means that the delegates will face a very huge amount of work and this will assure a dynamic atmosphere in the Constantin Stere Hall.

Before the beginning of the debates, the delegates that had come earlier have pointed that they should move to Topic B, but not before they will finish the debates on Topic A. According to the Russian delegate, the debaters should move their discussions to Topic B, as it is a very important subject.

The delegates have chosen to move with the discussions to topic B. The delegate of China considers that there are many factors that can generate radicalization of the youth including the political regime or the economical situation in different countries. Estonian delegate has pointed that the terrorism is a very important issue in nowadays society. San Marino delegate’s idea is based on the necessity to understand why young people are radicalized. The Russian delegate has proposed a moderated caucus of 10 minutes that should be dedicated to analyzing the caucuses of radicalization of youth. The Australian delegate tackles important issues related to the radicalization of youth such as frustration caused by high rate of unemployment and very few social opportunities. The delegate of Italy moves to another domain that causes the radicalization of youth. He has pointed that the religious beliefs in the Muslim World can lead to the radicalization of youth. Also the delegates are debating on the role of mass-media in informing people about the negative effects of the radicalization of youth and what radicalization actually means.

As we can see, the range of subtopics regarding the issue debated before the first coffee-break are very many and diverse. The debaters are in good shape and they discuss a lot and that allows me to believe that the debates will be productive until the end.

By Cazacu Gheorghe,

ECOSOC Press Officer

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