Today is an important day for the BISMUN Conference. It is the time when the debaters have to advance with the disscusions in order to reach at least some kind of consensus. Delegates are a little bit sleepy but they are trying to increase their shape and reach good results in terms of common solutions for the issues debated during the conference.

The morning session of the ECOSOC Committee has started with a disscusion on the topic tackled during the previous day. The delegates are debating about the working paper that was created before. The delegates disscused the draft resolution in details. Each point of the paper is disscused by the debaters. In order to be understood, I will expose shortly the main ideas of the draft. In this order of ideas I have to mention that the draft has some general aspects regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of UN. Also, the draft proposed by the delegation of Germany contains specifications on the ill treatment of migrants, such as discriminatory politics. The draft contains recommendations to all member states to support organisations that improve the living standards, the medical and educational situation of refugees through the establishment of a large international volunteer basis. The draft states the proposal that the national plans for the integration of refugees should be developed and should take into account some aspects regarding to the importance of the social integration of refugees; establishing a comprehensive strategy for integrating the refugees into the economic process of the hosting country; the beneficial aspect of refugees, such as economic improvement; the creation of the new refugee camps in voluntary regional peaceful countries: recommendations to IMF, World Bank and volunteer countries to support financially the proposed construction of new camps and the development of the already existent ones in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece. Also the working paper contains calls for every state to contribute to the UNHCR and NGOs in order to improve the quality of life for refugees and displaced persons by providing:

a. Financial aid,

b. Humanitarian aid,
through the UN World Food Program,

c. Educational support,

d. Plans for integration.

The document stated that all the member states should provide help for” the refugees in order to prevent:

a. Child

b. Early marriage,

c. Potential radicalization of the youth.

These are is little part of the specifications that are present in the documents disscused by the delegates.

As we can see from the document SUBMITTED by: Argentina and SUPPORTED by: Japan, India, United States of America, Australia, Austria, UK, Albania, Bolivia, Brazil, Congo, Croatia, Estonia, France, Haiti, Honduras, Greece, Germany, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Togo, Panama, Botswana, Russian Federation, China, Uganda, there are many ideas that are debated during the first committee session of the third day of the debates at ECOSOC Committe at BISMUN 2016.

This morning, the most active delegates are from Germany, Russian Federation, Serbia and Argentina. Despite to this, all the delegations are engaged hardly into the disscussions. The disscusions had positive direction, the delegates are working together in order to offer sustainable solutions for the issues debated this morning.

By Cazacu Gheorghe,
ECOSOC Press Officer

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