The second part of the day in ECOSOC was dominated by an “unmoderated caucus”. In order for the delegates to draft a resolution, unmoderated caucuses were very frequent (and very frequently extended). Immediately after the lunch break, the UK proposed a motion to introduce Topic B, as well as the General Speakers list.

During committee debates, the delegate of Greece insisted upon the importance of infrastructure and economic stability during times of war. Sudan mentioned issues such as continuous fighting, starvation, modern slavery and diseases, which affect not only her country, but also many others. In Sudan, almost 2 million people were killed before the fighting came to an end. Some suggestions for improving the situation included economic growth, the efficient and sustainable use of financial resources, humanitarian aid and the initiation of partnerships with a number of different organizations as well as the development of national educational and healthcare systems.

The delegate of the United States mentioned that citizens’ wellbeing should be protected in every possible way, insisting upon the importance of cooperation. In his words, “Everyone must contribute in situations of this kind”. The French delegate brought into discussion a number of international organizations which may be appealed, in order to help in difficult situations, such as the World Bank. The Paris Declaration which was signed, as the name would suggest, on French soil, was also brought up.

An example of rebuilding after times of war, was given by the delegate of Germany, who emphasised how her country was helped to develop after World War 2 through the Marshall Plan, using know how from the West and therefore boosting economic development. UN peace missions were also brought into the discussion, therefore the German delegate tried to mention the number of German people involved in UN humanitarian efforts in her speeches. Finally, the delegate of the USA proposed a motion to adjourn the session.

As the conference moves closer  to the General Assembly and the resolutions proposed by the delegates of the ECOSOC Committee are slowly taking shape, one can only hope as many resolutions as possible shall pass the final vote.

By Alex Covaci, ECOSOC Press Officer

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