ECOSOC – Submitting a Resolution draft and waiting for the results

The afternoon committee started with a motion about a date proposal by the delegate of Mauritania for the delegate of Zimbabwe which got to voting procedure and passed with 34 votes for and one against, from Zimbabwe.

Getting back to serious matters, the delegates started the afternoon session with an unmoderated caucus on the list of the countries of origin, host countries and transited countries. The committee emphasized the need to implement safe roots, bringing up the cases of deaths during the transition to the host countries. After 20 minutes of heated debate, the delegates discovered some troubles on their Working Paper which they tried to solve during a moderated caucus which elapsed.

Argentina and Germany stated that they are willing to get refugees, but they need funds because they want to create jobs and improve all the conditions which are offered to the refugees such as the health care system, security, etc.

The discussion moved to the policy of “Checked borders” as some of the delegates consider it essential while others see it as something that does not affect neither the lives of the refugees nor the population of the host country. The delegates were very consequent in their opinions and measures they are willing to take in order to strenghten security.

One of the Chairs, Jason Southcott, shares his view about the committee: “So far we’ve had many working papers, many unmoderated caucuses and the delegates are working very well together.”

One of the Working Papers was sent to the Secretariat for their approval. It came back as a draft resolution and at the end of the day the resolution went through the voting procedure, keeping us extremely curious on the results.

By Teodora-Ioana Fediuc,
ECOSOC Press Officer

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