Ecuador: “A pregnancy is not an accident, it is a responsibility”

Today’s session in the Humans Rights committee started with the delegates of USA, Ukraine and Congo who congratulated the delegates for the fruitful discussions they had during yesterday’s committee sessions.

Italy proposes a moderated caucus on the motion “Women and Reproductive Rights”.  It starts with the delegation of Italy explains the situation of abortions in Latin America and expresses the concern that illegal abortions are dangerous for the life of women as well as stating its position that women should be able to choose for themselves and should be able to have access to legal and safe procedures. UK seconds Italy’s position and discusses the mentality of African and Latin American countries as well as explaining that even though “women have the gift of giving life they should be able to choose if they want that or not. The delegation of Congo argues that the life of the unborn child should be protected at all costs if the life of the mother is not in danger, which creates a reaction in the delegation of USA who explains again the fact that the women’s rights to choose and have the procedures covered by the healthcare insurance that they provide for themselves.  Poland agrees with Congo and explains that the majority of its citizens are in favor of the prohibition of abortion and discusses the religious aspects of the choice. Italy debates that even if religious reasons are important for some countries in the matter of abortion as crime, it should not be a major factor in taking decisions considering the case of pregnancy due to rape. Germany adds that the guaranteed access of women to abortions and other means of contraception would stop the procedures that take place on the black market. Costa Rica’s delegate states the fact that the ban of abortion is a measure taken to “protect women’s reproductive health” and that they should concentrate on “educating women”. UK states that the illegal abortions could have huge consequences for those undergoing them.  Germany agrees that unwanted pregnancies should be avoided, but also agrees that women have the right to choose for themselves. Ecuador expresses its concern that unborn children are not taken into consideration and that a pregnancy is not an accident and shouldn’t be treated like one. Congo seconds the statement of Ecuador and adds that there are other solutions, like the adoption.

The Chair persons were impressed with the way in which the discussions evolved and  they are optimistic that the delegates might have a working paper by the lunch break.

After the coffee break, the delegates arrived with new forces and engaged in a fruitful debate on the topic of inequality. It all started with the statement that women and men should be equal and that “it is unbelievable that women are discriminated”. The delegation of Poland stated that the true problem is the discrimination in the healthcare system, Congo agrees and adds that women need more financial needs. The other delegates agree that everybody should have access to healthcare regardless of gender.

After a productive first committee session the HRC delegates are more than excited to continue their discussions.

By Teodora- Ioana Fediuc & Valentina- Codruta Guzischi, HRC Press Officers

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