Second day of the official debate here aHRCt the Human Rights Council, and the delegates are more eager than ever to get things done. Continuing the discussion of the indigenous societies, they prove to have progressed significantly regarding this topic in the last 24 hours, forming coalitions and working together.

In the first moderated caucus on the topic regarding the dilemma between integration and protection of indigenous societies, the delegate of France and the one of Kenya agreed on the fact that balance is the most important thing they have to focus on by helping the indigenous people integrate into modern societies without losing their cultural heritage. There should be some sort of sustainability for the traditions and language of these native societies, without them having to be pressured into assimilating the culture of modern societies.

As the delegate of the Netherlands has stated, the United Nations should use the resources they already have, give HRC (2)the people of the indigenous societies a chance for dialogue in order to see their point of view and opinions regarding the assimilation of their people without losing their cultural identity. On the other hand, the delegate of Venezuela has a different view on the topic, stating that a compromise between integration and protection cannot be made as long as there is an ‘us’ and a ‘them’, the only choice left being the protection of these societies.

The delegates are looking forward to clarifying some of the aspects, new proposals and, eventually, voting for the final resolution.

By Lucia Roznov, Human Right Council Press Officer

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