Gossip Box @ 4th Day of BISMUN


1. Brazil from ECOSOC, I want you to do squats on me.
2. We don’t want Chair Tomas to be sad!
3. China should speak more often because he is very good.
4. I fell in love with all of you because I feel we created such a strong bond.
5. We don’t know what each of you did last night but more than half of the committee is LITERALLY DEAD.
6. Things are getting hot between Nigeria and one of the chairpersons. Guess who is it?
7. Chair Tomas is a big softie, he is adorable.
8. I want Konstantinos everytime of the day with me.
9. I loved Egypt’s rapping skills.
10. It is obvious that Egypt and Lebanon want to get laid.
11. This committee wouldn’t be so exciting without these amazing volunteers and organisers.
12. Egypt and the Russian Federation are the best delegates I’ve ever seen.
13. USA, your socks are so sexy!
14. Nigeria,  will you be my Greek goddess?
15. I want to bang Canada so bad!
16. It’s sad that we didn’t witness any hook-ups.
17. USA knows how to party and he got very good sexual moves.


1. I thought I entered the Crisis committee, but it seems that this is an ethnicity class. Thanks, Austria! *eyeroll*
2. Saying about Phillippe’s accent is never enough. Whisper in my ear every night you gorgeous Englishman.
3. Crisis? More like “let’s CRY, SIS!”
4. Why is no1 talking about Macedonia?
Me: Oooh so that’s why…
5. Austria, you’re such an icon with that hand cream and your irrelevant amendments!
6. For the amount of hate between Croatia and Yugoslavia during the committee, they sure dance on High School musical songs like BFFs. Maybe the Yugoslav project wasn’t in vain.
7. The chairpersons are amazing, especially when they discuss the procedure.
8. Rumors say that this committee brought out the best in PTSD.
9. The staff is so kind and always ready to help. 😊 So pleased to have them!
10. Writing gossip is like winning at lottery, you need to try a lot of times. – sorry
11. Does Croatia have a girlfriend?
12. The memes in this committee are our life!
13. My heart skips a beat whenever I see a notification from the Facebook group.
14. I have a feeling that meme-making is the point of this committee.
15. Georgia is a really great singer! We need to hear her more and louder.
16. Saudi Arabia, where is France today?
17. The UK desperately needs some alcohol!
18. Is someone up to hook ups tonight?
19. Croatia and Yugoslavia form a nice couple!
20. Our deputy is so handsome that I want to cry. #not
21. It’s true what they say about P5 powers, they are abusive as fuck with their powers.
22. Ecuador, you are so cute! <3
23. The committee is half dead today.
24. India, I dreamt of you tonight. Let’s make it a reality tonight. 😊
25. Why is the Deputy Secretary General always in our room?
26. Thank you, Romania, for helping me survive this MUN conference!
27. Malte’s heart is like the polar climate, cold as ice.
28. China is such a nice person!
29. In EYP conferences you are supposed to be kind. Here, you are invited to be mean, offensive and shady.
30. In every MUN I attended, France was literally absent… COINCIDENCE!
31. Because you asked: Malte is the mean chair!
32. Unpopular opinion: one chair should really revise his attitude.
33. Such idiotic punishment – High School Muscial… really?
34. Motion to stop the bullshit!
35. Austria is the personification of the butterfly meme… #sweet
36. France: Brexit? What is Brexit??? Please explain, we don’t understand? (Date: April 1992)
37. I’d simply like to know how many MUNs do all the chairs have in total.
38. Austria is not a country, he’s a freaking mood.
39. Did France and Saudi Arabia break up? (France is not here…)


1. I want to spend the rest of my life with Brasil, Luxemburg and Japan.
2. Japan you’re sooo cute! And friendly <3
3. Philippines + Japan <3
4. The Board wishes we had so many clauses in the working papers as our gossip notes.
5. Just so you know, there’s more gossip happening in the session than in the gossip box.
6. Denmark and Germany do you actually know what democracy is?
7. Luxembourg I really appreciate that you always try to find a solution that we will all agree on
8. I love so much Netherland’s coat!! <3 <3 Wonder where he bought it
9. Germany types shockingly fast and sometimes without even looking at the keys wow!
10. It’s sad to think that once this MUN will end, we will just all get back home, live our lives and be all separated. I will miss you all guys.
11. Brazil, speak up, you have good ideas and I think you could really contribute to the reconciliation when conflicts arise
12. At the moment, the only thing I was thinking about was to get in the closet and take a NAP!
13. Dear staff, Coffee united us, I ADORE YOU
14. Anna you look so great today <3 <3
15. Luxembourg your dance yesterday was amazing!
16. Egypt, your eyes might be beautiful, but there is a lot more to admire on you.
17. Philippines and UK got the mooooves!
18. Don’t wanna be mean or anything. But Mexico wtf??
19. I can’t make up my mind if Germany is shy or just discrete.
20. I don’t recall Cambodia’s voice…
21. Do we know the name of the DJ last night?
22. Can’t decide if the best looking delegate is Luxembourg or Brazil…
23. Every time greeks talk in Greek I fell like they’re trash talking us.
24. Our chairs couldn’t be cooler!
25. At a certain point today was disobliging and was just sitting by himself and scrolling on his phone. Why?
26. It’s funny seeing China struggling to type and concentrate
27. I can’t wait for tonight’s party!
28. I wonder how it is to sleep in a kindergarten.
29. Brazil you’re style rocks! And your natural lashes are amazing 😲
30. Egypt, I want to dive into your blue eyes <3 <3
31. FIRST GOSSIP 12:33
32. I wanna give to South Korea the << best hair >> award.
33. Malta you’re so pretty.
34. Malta and Philippines look good together 😉
35. Mathias I wanna see you drinking and dancing!
36. Netherlands, did you even end up home last night?
37. I love how Japan is dressed today! Those scarf vibes…
38. I’m feeling very sad, because I’ll never see again all the countries together.
39. China I know we’re getting into your nerves, when we don’t second, but we really like you!
40. India is such a nice girl.
41. Egypt you’re so beautiful
42. India you are so sweet!
43. Old Greek Eurovision songs are the best!!! I think Mathias would agree on this one, after Anna showed him the EXTRAVAGANT performances.
44. UK slept in a playground last night just wanted to show his real face <3
45. We all need a motion for sleep.
46. Are the Netherlands and Philippines brothers?
47. The only reason Mathias let us in unmods was for him to sleep.
48. I’m 99% sure Denmark will become the Prime Minister of Romania. You were the greatest debater and dictator.
49. I aspire to become as cordial as the staff members
50. UK you don’t have to look drunk all the time LOL
51. Level 1 crook: yes; Level 100 mafia boss: “The People’s Republic of China is voting in favor.”
52. It’s really cool that when in doubt about phrasing ideas, France always comes up with the best solution
53. Why are people low key hating on Japan and Denmark? They’re cool.
54. Everytime Netherlands talks to me, I always nod, smile and say yes because I don’t understand a word.
55. South Korea you’re sense of humor and the music you hear rock!
56. The wine yesterday tasted $#!+. At least there was a loooot to drink!
58. I’m so gonna miss you guys. As the days are passing I love you more and more. It’s crazy to think it’s already over 🙁
59. Staff here is really amazing. Thank you so much for bringing us coffees and helping us during the sessions.
60. Why were Japan and South Korea so quite today? You used to be the heart of the debates
61. Marry me Mathias!!
62. We’re so sufficient, we don’t even have to disagree to vote for a draft resolution. We’re always on the same page… I guess.
63. France you’re an artist.
64. India and Cambodia are not appreciated enough. They are the sweetest
65. Could Germany and Denmark be anymore bossy today?
66. Brazil was so waaasted last night! (Weren’t we all?)
67. I’m not applying for ECOSOC ever again, I got bored. Mathias and Anna were great tho.
68. Malta and Philippines look good together 🙂
69. China, I praise your calmness even when the situation is getting tense. I would really like to achieve such a high level of self-control
70. This is the best committee ever because we have like 50 gossips per day and I’m here for the drama!
71. Philippines has so good dancing skills why doesn’t he practice them in the committee during punishment?!?!
72. Brazil, speak up, you have good ideas and I think you could really contribute to the reconciliation when conflicts arise
73. Egypt is so friendly, funny, and peaceful, she is one of my favorite persons in the committee
74. The assistants are our saviors.
75. Last day of sessions and I still haven’t found out why Mexico uploaded the SDGs on our Facebook Team when we started Topic B.
76. Japan, you hot
77. We state that France is the most beautiful being in the whole world. P.S. We are writing for closer cooperation.
78. Netherlands undisrupted during unmod is my spirit animal.



1. Hungary, the sessions are over, the gun didn’t fire, you can calm down now.

2. We ship Italy and Lithuania together.

3. I wanna see Austria dancing in the middle of the club tonight.

4. Funny award: Best speaker should go to Italy.

5. Croatia leave politics. Start singing.

6. Romanians are like the mafia. No matter what they cooperate.

7. Attila you have some moves boy!

8. Austria, slay!

9. Is Attila hitting on the read-headed girl?

10. The head of state of Italy seems like a serious adult from outside, but deep inside he is just a kid.

11. We spoke about United States of Europe. Sweden, your dream came true.

12. Germany literally offered funds to everyone in the Council.

13. Sweden and moderated do not go together.

14. Attila needs to try laughter yoga.

15. Imagine if Hungary and Eminem had a rap battle.

16. Finland and Slovenia are cuties together.

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