Hard Work and Fruitful Debates in the SOCHUM Committee

The SOCHUM committee is grateful to attend the fourth day of BISMUN and started this morning with a series of unmoderated caucuses, each of them followed by discussions of the progress made. Hungary congratulated the other delegates for being so cooperative, as well as Australia appreciates the abundance of common ideas and similar solutions.

After hard work, the draft resolution sponsored by Germany, Chile, Spain and The United Kingdom has been introduced in the committee. The delegates read the paper and entered a 15-minute-long session in order for the submitters to explain the operative clauses and answer questions regarding the draft resolution.

Amendments were introduced into the debate and read by the chairpersons. All of them were friendly, except one from Egypt, about striking out operative clause number 10. The delegate held a pro-speech, followed by Saudi Arabia who further explained why this clause violates their country’s policy and religion. Moreover, the against-speeches were held by Chile and The United Kingdom, in order to present the importance of the clause. In the end, the amendment did not pass, and delegates moved into voting procedure upon the resolution of the topic “Protecting Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women”.

The General Assembly is formed by the SOCHUM, DISEC and SPECPOL committees in order to discuss each resolution. The delegates proudly represented their state and positions on the motioned topics and therefore it was a productive day, marking the end of the eleventh edition of BISMUN.


Written by Natalia Lupu and Denisa Sas, Press Officers

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