WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 15.30.39“Sunny day outside and warm atmosphere inside” would describe the best the first chapter of the ample book by its name BISMUN. However, at the beginning of the first session, the atmosphere at the ECOSOC felt quite tensioned. The delegation of Pakistan declared that “not all delegates are well prepared on the economical topic”, which is the topic number one in the ECOSOC Committee. Therefore, the chairs agreed to change the topic from two to one.

The topic proposed by the delegation of Czech Republic “Can the first generation of imigrants be integrated completely in the hosting country?” generated many responses in the Committee. The delegation of France declared that they “accept everyone in the teritory and society” and the delegation of USA even declared that “imigrants are beneficial for the host country”. The majority of delegations supported the backround check of the immigrants and Australia and Vietnam declared their encouragement for all the programs addressed to integration of immigrants.

On the other hand, the delegation of Serbia and the delegation of Russian Federation declared that they “just protect the people in the country”, considering immigrants or refugees to be a threat for the general peace of their countries.

There were more topics stated for moderated Caucus, such as “Limiting the number of immigrants for each country”, “Integration of refugees”, “The differences between migrants, immigrants and refugees”, but the Committee session ended with several rounds of unmoderated caucus on the topic of “forming alliances”, which passed with clear majority.

Because of this, delegates in the ECOSOC Committee started to build alliances and divided into two blocks, discussing together ways of integrating immigrants versus protecting at the maximum level the indigenous people.

The Committee Session ended after a pleasant singing moment from the delegation of Pakistan, who got a punnishment for using “I”, which “is not in order”.

It has been a challenging day for the ECOSOC delegates, yet a productive one. Stay tuned for the next news from ECOSOC this week! For sure the debates will be heated!

By Tania Todorov, ECOSOC Press Officer

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