The Kingdom of Iraq would like to state its position regarding the trusteeship formula which is seen as a short term solution. History shows us that this system never did work for long period of time anywhere. And short term solutions manifest through violence, because in a short time you can’t impose yourself by any other means as you don’t have time.

Arabs are in a period when the nationalism is the main political vision and they believe in their Arab destiny, a destiny written in the time when they ruled over the civilized world. Whenever a foreign power came to maintain peace they stayed there for a longer period of time and the natives always perceived them as invaders. If the native population perceive them as invaders there is not going to be a wealthy cooperation. Without cooperation from the native population we see no point in creating a trusteeship that won’t be able to attain its purposes and maybe even to deteriorate the division between these nations.

We must think mathematically how to offer a proper climate and help these nations to shake hands, not imposing the western pattern in the Arabic world because it simply won’t work. A trusteeship creates a triangle, and it would be almost impossible to maintain fairness to both nations and when one of them will react, the system will break and divide them even more.

Therefore the Kingdom of Iraq restates that Arabs from these countries are disgusted by the degrading world of the westerners and won’t accept the idea of degrading themselves by accepting them as have authority over their destiny, a destiny very close to the religious aspects. Thank you.”

The Iraqi Representative


Article by Vlad Bujdei

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