Since we gathered here in the Romanian Parliament at BISMUN 2014, we consider it is part of our mission to be aware of what happens around us. This is also one of our main objectives, besides debating and providing the best solutions for our Councils and Committees topics.

On behalf of the worldwide countries we are representing here, it is of the utmost importance to comprehend the relevance of free speeches while respecting and protecting human rights and dignities of our citizens and recognize the democratic values as core values of our society.

Lately some unfortunate events have taken place in Turkey. For instance, students are being arrested and put into jail for demanding free education in a peaceful manner, being treated as  terrorists. Also, unnecessary turnouts, such as people beaten on the streets by the police have been reported . Furthermore, there are nearly 100 journalists behind bars, the online social platform Twitter is being blocked and now YouTube (considered a national security issue) is another casualty of the authoritarian turkish government.

As delegates of different countries around the world gathered at BISMUN 2014, we strongly believe it is the government’s duty to protect its citizens and take into account their opinions, in this case . Moreover, we would like to transmit to the turkish protesters, to those who want to keep Turkey a democratic, secular, unitary and safe constitutional republic, those who are standing up for the freedom of speech and the protection of  the human rights : keep  fighting for your rights!

Signed and supported by,

Florin Amariei, Romania – delegate of Pakistan at BISMUN 2014 (instigator)

Daniel Zirkelbach, Spain – Delegate of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Galanaki Evangelia Maria, Greece- delegate of Italy at BISMUN 2014

James Ninia, USA – Delegate of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics at BISMUN 2014

Simone Papa – Belgium at BISMUN 2014

Diogo Guia – Denmark at BISMUN 2014

Danae Tsouvali-Egypt at BISMUN 2014

Aspasia Thalassinou, Greece- Lebanon at Bismun 2014

Karatziovali Aikaterini, Greece – delegate of Saudi Arabia at BISMUN 2014

Spyridon Diamantopoulos – Delegate of the United States of America BISMUN 2014

Zuzanna Wawrzyniak – Delegate of Portugal at BISMUN 2014

Steven Arroyo – delegate of South Africa at BISMUN 2014

Veronika Virkenborg – delegate of Spain at BISMUN 2014

Sara Palasits – delegate of France at BISMUN 2014

Stefanos Passaris—delegate of China at BISMUN 2014

Athanasios Bouroutzopoulos—delegate of India at BISMUN 2014

Razvan I. Dumitru– delegate of Iraq at BISMUN 2014

Markopoulou Dimitra – delegate of Yishav at BISMUN 2014

Sclifos Carolina – delegate of New Zealand at BISMUN 2014

Nitoaia Anda – Committee assistant at BISMUN 2014

Vitelaru Adina – Committee assistant at BISMUN 2014

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