Joy in SPECPOL: Solutions for Palestinian Refugees  

Sunday marks the last day of debates in the SPECPOL committee. In a few hours, the committee will be present at the General Assembly.  Given that some delegates felt like adding more to yesterday’s document, two unmoderated caucuses were requested to ensure that the committee’s resolution came to completion on both ends of the topics.

Secondly, the Russian Federation took the initiative and launched a motion for a moderated caucus to further discuss proposals already made by the committee. Thus, other delegates were able to bring their contribution to the table. Of course, there were some interventions, courtesy of the delegates of Israel and Egypt.

Soon, a coffee break was in order. Afterwards, everyone returned, feeling a lot more energized and ready to continue. Most of the activity during the second session  was focused on unmoderated caucuses whose purpose were to reach common agreement on what the Palestinian refugee aid resolution would look like. The session was interrupted briefly, allowing both the participants and the staff to step out of the room for a moment, time in which the committee took a group photo.

The sponsors were announced again. As far as the amendments go, they were debated one last time. Speeches were delivered, as the delegates were asked to submit their input on the working paper regarding the second theme, paper which would be integrated in the final resolution delivered by the SPECPOL committee during the General Assembly. Due to time constraints, the second topic of debate was closed, after voting upon the matter.

Lastly, the final committee session ended with a small feedback from the delegates regarding the committee experience overall and collecting the gossips that were left. As per tradition, the delegates got their placards signed, as a reminder of their time spent together these past few days.


Written by Ioana Florescu, Press Officer

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