The final days of debating at BISMUN 2019 have started and everybody seems at least a bit hangover… or at least those who aren’t late of course.

At the beginning, the committee spent a couple of minutes going over what was discussed yesterday, so that anybody recovering from alcohol induced memory loss, can be up to date.

After this, the committee sustained a couple of speeches, so that the delegates could be express their disagreements and proceed to have a proper amendment and voting procedure. The working paper passed with little to no effort as the opinions were unanimous on the draft resolution and no amendments were submitted. Soon after the committee session ended and the delegates and staff headed towards the lunch break, buzzing for the soon to come General Assembly.

This kicked off directly with the resolutions of our dear DISEC committee and a second amendment and voting procedure began. The first resolution to be discussed was the one about the “Improvement of cooperation on security in the Mediteranean region”, followed by the one on “Implementation of the convention of the prohibition of chemical weapons: the case of Syria”, both of them encountering the same obstacles.

A very awkward situation happened. The delegate of Israel from SPECPOL had a lot of disagreements with both of the resolutions, these resolutions being lead by the SPECPOL’s delegate of Israel whom sponsored both. The issue was, in the opinion of the opposing delegate, that most clauses were too vague. He attempted to strike out a couple of clauses, but had little to no support and failed in all his attepts to amend.

In the end both of the Resolutions passed and sadly DISEC committee has finished its work in the BISMUN 2019 conference. The only things that remain are tonight’s social event and tomorrow’s closing ceremony.


Written by Sabin Roca, Press Officer

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