As we are on the road of submitting our first working paper, the delegation of Pakistan within the HTC would like to express its appreciation and recognition to all members of the Council. It has been 4 days in which we discussed more than 4 major ideas for the sake of keeping peace and security in the area, but we have finally found a common ground.

Pakistan considers that the the solution we are discussing at the moment, which we all agreed on, it is the best proposal for the people of Palestine. In despite of the recent conflicts between the arabs and the jews, which were arising in the past few days and we found ourselves in a special kind of crisis, the Trusteeship Council did not split, but we stepped up with the work and focused on the most important matters for the federal state of Palestine.

We would also like to state our appreciation for the delegation of the United Kingdom within the HTC, which at the proposal of the Council, did not use deadly force for stopping protests and riots and protected the civilians. Also we would like to point out the compromise and cooperation that USA and USSR embraced in this matter. On the same page we would like to thank the Arab Higher Committee and the Yishav for their commitment to our problems and instead of fighting, they worked together with the Council in order to provide the best ideas for Palestine.

The delegation of Pakistan is hopeful that until the end of the day we will have a resolution which will best meet the necesities of the palestinians and on the peace and security in the area. We are determined to do anything that is in our power to help our dear friends and partners from Palestine.”

The Pakistan Delegate –Amariei Florin

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