Palestinians and Israelis shake hands as trusteeship is endorsed by Trusteeship Committee

The proceedings of the Trusteeship Committee have come to a close. In an effort to cooperate in order to resolve the situation in Palestine, the HTC  engaged in heated but productive negotiations. A draft resolution which will end the Arab-Israeli conflict was submitted and accepted. Despite going through a complicated diplomatic crisis, the Committee delegates have shown nothing but will to cooperate and leave aside all differences. The potential ramifications are considerable, since it comes after one of the (if not THE) most difficult period in the entire human history: the Second World War.

According to the resolution the UK has agreed to terminate its mandate early, in order for the UN to set up a trusteeship which will have the purpose to reintegrate Arab refugees in the area, to facilitate better relations between Muslims and Jews, and also to help the economic development of the area by having the Jewish community get more economically involved with the Muslims.

All of the 19 states present were for the resolution, while two were absent. It seems like the world is entering a new era of empathy and mutual respect.

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