Peace and responsibility perspectives in a nuclear era

The Legal Committee started its day of debates with a short speech delivered by a representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who prepared the atmosphere for the delegates, by presenting the latest updates of the 67th meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The first topic on the agenda was voted to be the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). During the opening speeches, every delegate underlined the importance of keeping a peaceful and stable world. Almost all of them agreed that it is mandatory to eliminate or, at least, to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. Some of the delegates expressed their fear with regard to Iranian and North-Korean nuclear programs, but they were assured of the peaceful intentions.

The session of debates continued with a moderated caucus about the measures applied to the countries that do not comply with the NPT. Israel proposed this motion because it felt threaten by Iran. This attitude was shared by a part of the participant countries, but North Korea supported Iran by stating “It has to be legally proven that they have nuclear weapons!”.

Due to the major deviation from the matter at hand, the chairpersons advised the delegates to get back on track and respect the international regulations.

The proposed economic sanctions highlighted negative aspects over the society. The general opinion states the necessity of the universalization of NPT and the adoption of strong legal measures on international level. Also, all of delegates agreed that the only possible way to reach consensus is by dialogue.




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