Press statement of Jason Southcott, Chairperson of ECOSOC

Yesterday, 26th of March, Jason Southcott, Chair in ECOSOC, stated:

“The ECOSOC committee has been putting its full efforts into resolving the refugee crisis across the world. Originally the topic was too big so they decided to split it into 2 categories: topic A: “Dealing with refugees in Middle East and North Africa and their implications on surrounding states fleeing conflicts mainly inspired by the outspring” and in some way the Iraq war. The second topic, subtopic B, has to do with refugees all over the world. It was a more general scope on what the global and international community should be doing to combat refugee abuses, human trafficking and such things which should not be happening in 21st century across the world.

So far, we had many Working Papers, many unmoderated caucuses and our delegates are working very well together. We have a Working Paper which was sent to the Secretariat for their approval and we hope it will come out as a Draft Resolution.”

Click here to watch the Statement!

By Teodora Fediuc,

ECSOC Press Officer

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