Protecting the environment prevents wars

After a night of hard partying, this morning didn’t seem like a good one for debate, but the delegates at the UNEP committee got entertained in an unmoderated caucus over finding ideas to put together in a working paper.


In order to debadfadate the outcome of the unmoderated caucus, the delegate of Russian Federation opened the topic on how the possible ways of protecting the environment can prevent nations from going to war. In other words, some of the delegates believe that the collaboration between states on the matter of environmental protection can prevent war. One delegation that supports this idea is China, who stated that environment is related to natural resources, which are vital to the survival of a nation, therefore protecting this resources can prevent wars to happen.

On the other side of the fence, delegation of Japan disapproved this point of view, stating that war cannot be avoided by protecting the environment, as it doesn’t represent an essential level of collaboration between states.

An important remark was made by the delegate of Egypt, who emphasized that there should be a permanent body in order to monitor the violations of the international legislation meant to protect the environment.  However, their point requires detailed justification, as it brought into attention a valid remark, very important also.


By Iuliana Cristea

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