Psychological perspective upon this acts of bravery statements

These young people who are devoted to the fields like politics, economy and history, are the fields which often had given us, and developed at the same time, great characters of human beings. Throughout the history, those people who dedicated their time to learn more about the motivating forces which determined great changes in the history of humanity, are the ones who tend to be the true change makers and the most influential people. The reason would be the sense of learning since childhood how to be self-confident in their own abilities, successfully allowing them the permission to put their values system beyond the common way of thinking.

This made a significant difference between the ones who were only followers, without the ambition to make a statement, and of course the ones who truly didn’t understand why a citizen refuses to be a part of the big decisions of the way of life. The world labels individuals, but our honorable delegates participating in HTC committee recommend a different and an unheard way of thinking because of the many learned lessons which history had been always given us.

Historical Trusteeship Committee gathered youth with the same values system from different countries. They are the soul of this young generation who allowed themselves to think beyond the illusion of different circumstances and who dare to create new opportunities for them, for their home-country and at a higher level, for the world. Their motivation and the way they managed through the levels of knowledge and energy, made the connections of the neural networks more active and interesting to investigate. They express themselves the most through discipline and even humorous arguments which made the discussions a lot more interesting and fun to be a part. Before the time, which too quickly elapsed, the delegate of the Soviet Union often has been the one of the most dedicated and really seemed like he was emotionally involved in the whole question rising of the problem. The Pakistan delegate was talkative and well argumented as well. Meanwhile, the other delegates who were participating in a more of a passive way, truly seemed like a good, receptive observant who used this as a “tool” for future affirmations or statements. The delegate who represented Iraq, had a calmly and very well tempered attitude who managed transmitting his state of mind directly, but in a respectful position between his energetic opponents from that moment. The Palestinian question, made a ”fruitful” (the key word in almost every dispute) debate  through the groups freshly created, a real opportunity to fill each other’s possible existing gaps regarding their concerns and their obvious wish to come up with many efficient solutions which can give to the Palestinian people an attribute for becoming a trust territory.

As we grow up, we are taught different skills, but the manner in which we interpret them is how our character and personality develop. They are clearly interested in evolution and exploration as their habits and mental preparation are constantly advancing. As we regard life relying on senses and deep connections, the ability to analyze the Palestinian situation from 1948 it is only achievable through time of research and passion for assuring peace and security for every existent nation.

Supporting peace, always has been a reason to be more active in a discussion, rule accepted especially in the Historical Trusteeship Council.

Article by Sandra Roșu

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