Resolution at last at UNEP!

As time goes by really fast at the UNEP committee, the floor was opened for points and motions to come to a final form of the working paper, in order to be submitted to the Secretary-General. The paper brought together all the concerns, problems, solutions, and even suggestions about the environmental problems in armed conflict areas. As Japan has stated, this draft emphasizes the progress on the solution to protect more efficiently the environment for the future.

Hard work is always rewarded, and at the UNEP committee the reward consisted in the Secretary-General’s approval of the resolution paper, which came sooner than expected. The next step consisted in discussing the possible amendments, and finally voting the draft. This moment was marked by round of applause and expressed joy, having accomplished truly great results during this conference.

All in all, the last day at the BISMUN conference in the UNEP committee was a full and fruitful one, as it has brought contention among all delegates.

By Iuliana Cristea, UNEP Press OfficerDSC_0880

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