Special guest at ECOSOC Mr. Mircea Mocanu – Director of IOM Romania


On the second day of the Committee sessions we had a special guest at BISMUN. The ECOSOC Committee had the pleasure to listen to the Director of IOM Romania, Mr. Mircea Mocanu, who was very generous in giving wide information on the topic of Migration and also to encourage the youth, the one that “represents the future of the Uited Nations”.

Mr. Mircea Mocanu was very kind-hearted and he gave gifts to those who recognised important personalities or abreviations for organisations. The delegations of USA, Iraq and China received news pappers on the topic they had the answer for, such as recognising the UN Secretary General or the meaning of IOM (International Organisation for Migrants).

His charisma and creativity were highly appreciated, especially when when he mentioned the numerous people who support the migration phenomenon and immigrants and Europeans who do not with the percentage of pleople that use Android versus iOS, which made young delegates understand better the actual situation of tolerance among migrators.

Mr. Mircea Mocanu also stated that “it is the responsability of the government to integrate refugees”, ecouraging delegates and countries to be open to accept immigrants; “it can be costly, but it saves lives”, he said. The Director of IOM Romania understands the importance of migrants as labour force in various fields, such as transports or medicine. In this regards, he recommended the audience a movie directed by IOM, “A Day Without Migrants”, which describes the valuable help migrants give to the hosting country.  Our guest emphasized the influence working with immigrants had on his career decisions.

In the end, Mr. Mircea Mocanu recommended delegates to choose wisely their dream job, anywhere they can satisfy both their financial needs and their professional and presonal expectations. IN his opinion, the United Nations is somewhere between the private and the public sector, but working for the UN is undoutedly „full of satisfaction”. The Director of IOM Romania stated that “UN is the glue between all the governments” and “when all the representatives of countries meet and discuss the problems, they actually prevent the happening of the 3rd World War”.

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