The arising crisis of immigration

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 16.10.39 The first day of debates has brought together numerous countries trying to tackle the problem of first generation immigration, offering the understanding and acceptance towards current situation as a main solution.

“Can an immigrant integrate fully in the society?” This is a question that crossed the mind of many, but only admirably addressed by the delegate of Czech Republic. Germany goes in the depth of the problem highlighting the importance of acknowledging the new culture entering their territory with the view to improving the society’s perception of immigrants as a whole since: “Successful integration benefits us all”.

Here intervenes the USA, a state which strongly embraces Germany’s initiative by adding that “immigrants are contributive to the host country”, emphasising this by adding that immigrants are a spurce of cheap labour force, which results in a further strenghtened economy and in the diminishment of inflation and unemployment rates.

A standout matter that USA raised, collectively with Germany and Serbia, was the one that the host state should establish a maximum of immigrants that enter a territory such us USA’s 660.000 people per year rate.

Nonetheless, all the delegates expressed a high interest in solving the issue regarding the discriminatory actions and harassments 1st  generation immigrants face daily, adding that the language barrier and cultural discrepancies only aggravate their conditions in the hosting countries.WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 16.10.42

Furthermore, 100% of the countries gathered here today wish for a better definition of the immigration policy regarding each state so as to ameliorate the actual struggle the world is facing with the immigration flow.

Stay tuned for the latest news in the ECOSOC Committee!

By Ana Combei, ECOSOC Press Officer

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