The cause of Internally Displaced Persons discussed at HRC

Another day, another challenge. Today, the majority of the honorable delegates in the Human Rights Council voted for a topic switch about strengthening the human rights of returnees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in conflict-ridden regions. As the delegate of Cuba has stated, this topic is of paramount importance since the returnees have to deal with unpleasant situations every day, facing many actions of discrimination without being protected by a legal framework.

In the moderated caucus proposed by the delegate of Cuba regarding the legal framework of IDPs and returnees, they all decided to focus on the reintegration process, including the ability of returnees to maintain sustainable livelihoods, access basic services and fully reintegrate into communities and countries of origin. As the delegate of France has stated, the problem of these IDPs and returnees is that they do not even know their own rights in the countries they are being deported. In order for them to utilize these rights to their own benefit they need to know their identity, what they stand for, where they are going and how they are going to get there.

While everyone is debating these issues and discussing ideas, trying to find some common ground, in the back of their mind they are still thinking about the punishment that some of the delegates will be bound to since they came in late for the conference. What are they going to do against their will in front of everyone? Stay tuned to find out!

By Lucia Roznov, Human Rights Council Press Officer


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