The last day in the ECOSOC has just begun and the delegates are ready to concentrate all their energy and creativity into putting together all convictions regarding the second topic of this committee: assuring and fostering reconstruction and sustainable development in post conflict areas, in order to arrive to a final resolution.

Our day started with a moderated caucus with the topic of how international organizations can help the post-conflict areas. The delegate of UK makes a powerful statement where declared that health, education and infrastructure are the most important things to be addressed and proposes the introduction of the Red Cross’s help for the refugees, as well as the usage of doctors without borders. This delegate is sustained by Sudan who admits the crucial role the international organizations have for helping with funds and social aid the post affected areas. Sudan also proposes the introduction of training programs for teachers, especially in countries with major educational gaps.

This was the triggering phase for many delegations. Hence, another motion was advanced in the discussion: education in post-conflict areas, which led to a fierce debate. Therefore, Australia started the discussion and stated: “Education in post-conflict areas is extremely neglected. It is of utmost importance to gain knowledge in order to be useful and productive in the community.” UK introduced an interesting point, by emphasizing that help can be provided in the affected countries by rebuilding schools and assuring the needed materials, but cannot actually interfere with the actual educational system. Not to be forgotten is the speech of USA, who adds that the teachers should guide the pupils and should be well-trained in order to detect the signs of psychological problems in the students’ behavior. France also intervened with some specific measures: assurance of transport and infrastructure to schools, bringing volunteers from abroad to teach in post-conflict areas or training the volunteers from that country in order to develop the educational system.

The first part of the day ends with an un-moderated caucus which has as main purpose the writing of the draft resolution on the second topic approached by the ECOSOC committee, assuring and fostering reconstruction and sustainable development in post-conflict areas.

The tension rises to such levels that one could almost cut it with a knife. We have to bear in mind that education and infrastructure are complex issues that should be discussed with regard to this veritable second topic of the committee.

Good luck, delegates!


By Andreea Mazga, ECOSOC Press Officer

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