The Opening Ceremony of the this year BISMUN’s conference has brought many important personalities together. Over 10 ambassadors and official representatives have taken part at the reception organized at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.

The BISMUN press staff had the pleasure to discuss certain issues and topics with some of the high-ranking participants at this event, amongst whom were the Papal Nuncio to Romania, Monsignor Miguel Maury Buendia and the First secretary of the Embassy of Thailand, Kanisapol Sithtichoti. The two had different perspectives, nevertheless equally interesting and valuable, on the youth they’ve seen at the conference.
Mr. Sithtichoti and the Papal Nuncio have both pointed out that the modern generation lives in what the Nuncio called a “virtual world”, but while the representative of Thailand mentioned it as something that makes our lives easier, the Papal Nuncio mentions both the good and the bad side to it. According to him, the older generations, or as His Excellency called it, the “analogical” generation, has a better sense of reality. However, the Monsignor did mention the fact that the young the ones participating at the BISMUN conference have great ambitions and dreams and does believe “they can do anything”, even though it might not always be the case.

Regarding BISMUN, Mr. Kanisapol Sithtichoti of Thailand has specified that “you usually have to learn a lot and read a lot of textbooks and theories, things that are given to you by your professor…”, but such events and conferences are the closest possible alternative to the “real thing” and will help you prepare for the future.

Last, but not least, though the main point of the Thai Embassy’s Secretary when asked about the agenda of year 2030, is precisely that nothing can be accomplished without a dream. And that dream, should be followed no matter what.

By Alexandru Klipii – Press Officer, DISEC

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