The committee moves on to introducing the first Draft Resolution of the Crisis Committee! In other words, the time for some real decisions has come for our delegates. The delegate of Croatia encourages the implementation of the Draft by encouraging all the members in the chamber, especially the P5 members, not to vote against the resolution if they cannot support it, but rather abstain, so that nobody will be affected. In the end, because of persuasion or not, the Resolution passes and Croatia is a member of the UN.

After a very welcome lunch break, the delegates are back in the committee room for some more rounds of debate. Just like one of the chairpersons mentioned earlier this day, the war is far from over. The delegates have to keep their eyes wide open and pay a lot of attention to all the unpredictable events that might take place.

The delegate of the USSR reminds everyone that “there still is a Yugoslavia”. The nation is open to communication. Yugoslavia is skeptic about the idea of placing UN peacekeepers on the borders of Croatia. In the end, third party involvement is not desired, just like Austria and Yugoslavia said countless times: “The UN should stop interfering for the moment”. The USA declares that, by invading Macedonia, Yugoslavia proved its violent ways of action. Croatia takes the floor in order to point out that “this Security Council makes absolutely no sense” because some speeches, in the delegate’s point of view, are contradictory. The delegate of Nigeria finally takes the floor, applauding the initiative for peace.

However, not all the delegates are convinced that a peacekeeping mission is what the international community truly needs. Nations like Ecuador, Yugoslavia or USSR believe that this is an inefficient solution which will only fuel the conflict. The delegate of Austria voices a very strong opinion, passionately declaring that if this Security Council was dealing with a similar issue in New York, then it would have been way more involved. For the next 15 minutes, the delegates choose an unmoderated caucus in order to clarify territorial aspects and more.

Saudi Arabia takes the floor in order to put an emphasis on the importance of further talks, so that the committee can reach the most efficient solutions and ideas for the future. On the same note, the UK encourages all the nations to actively get involved in the issue, condemning all the violent actions and hoping that they won’t happen again.

The coffee break helps the delegates relax a bit in order for them to come back with fresh powers. The first significant moment of the last committee session is the introduction of another Draft Resolution and the vote on it. After voting by roll call, the Resolution passes and Slovenia gains sovereignty.

In the next moments, the delegates try to entertain a moderated caucus on peacekeeping missions. However, opinions are extremely different. This is the reason why the delegates choose an unmoderated caucus of 15 minutes in order to clarify the situation of peacekeeping.

We’re eagerly waiting for tomorrow! Our delegates will certainly come with new ideas and new speeches!


Written by Daria Popa, Press Officer

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