This sort of violence is unacceptable in the 21st century

After a well-deserved lunch break the delegates of Human Rights committee returned full of energy for debate and good ideas.

After two unmoderated caucuses on the topic of “Gender Inequality”, the delegates decided to have a  moderated one to discuss their conclusions. The delegations of Ecuador and Costa Rica mentioned that despite the cultural and societal differences they should find solutions in order to eradicate inequality between men and women. Germany and UK suggested that in order to be able to do so the domestic violence should be prevented. Other suggestions regarding the achievement of equality coming from UK include: sexual education with parental permission in schools as well as NGOs work to raise awareness in topics that are related to gender equality related issues.

The first discussion was followed by a moderated caucus on the topic of domestic violence, motion raised by the delegation of UK. The delegations of UK and USA stated that women should have the possibility to talk about the situations they overcome which can help others in the same situation. UK adds that the cause of domestic violence is gender discrimination. The delegations of USA, Poland, UK and Germany agree that women have to be protected from it. Poland suggests to increase the sentence for those who violate the law regarding this matter. UK and Germany stated that this behavior should be unacceptable in the 21st century and that together they can combat domestic violence. During the discussions, the speech of the delegation of Ukraine shocked everybody as it stated that the country only has a policy regarding the violence against women “in public”.

A new moderated caucus started and the delegates debated upon the topic of “Women empowerment through media”. The UK delegation started by stating that media tends to present women in a sexist way, objectifying them. The USA delegate mentioned the great power of media and the fact that it is a sensitive subject. One of the delegates also mentioned the importance of media in raising awareness and the ways some campaigns were raised to another level with the help of the media.

After a productive day, we are very excited to see how the discussions will evolve in the following sessions!


By Teodora- Ioana Fediuc & Valentina Codruta Guzischi, HRC Press Officers

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