The second day of debates in the Legal Committee began with a short briefing about the issues discussed the day before. The delegates’ speeches highlighted the importance of universalizing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This was followed by an unmoderated caucus with regard to the role of the Legal Committee in the General Assembly. The under-secretary reminded to the representatives that the Legal Committee can only recommend what should be discussed in the Security Council. She also suggested the importance of a debate on specific measures for the universalization of THE NPT.

The session of debates continued with a moderated caucus to settle the points of yesterday’s agenda. Nigeria proposed to discuss Article 10 of the NPT, which refers to the withdrawal of the signatory states, and also the situation when some countries legally exchange and facilitate the nuclear weapons production.

Almost all the countries agreed on proposing specific sanctions for those states that withdraw from the treaty. The United Kingdom, supported by the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China, stressed the importance of limiting the intentions of withdrawal. The specific definition of the extraordinary circumstances which require the withdrawal would contribute to the prevention of resignation. North Korea expressed a different stance by pointing out the impossibility of defining all the extraordinary situations.

Informal discussions between the representatives brought to light some possible ammendments to the 10th  Article.

In the end, it was proposed that a draft on modifing the provisions of the Article should be discussed. The debate is open to the delegetions’ recommendations for further decisions.


Mariana CIORICA,


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