Trusteeship as strongly favored solution for Israeli-Palestinian situation

The meeting started off with the emergence of two clear solutions for the issue regarding the Palestinian territory: the two separate states versus the trusteeship solution. So far, however, it seems that the trusteeship is gathering more supporters and the general interest is quickly turning away from the two-state solution.

Germany has expressed its concern with a partition plan, and stated that a trusteeship is a more viable solution, while the US adopted a much firmer stance saying it is the only solution. New Zealand, among others, has also expressed its support in favor of the trusteeship.

The Yishav representative has argued that the Jewish people need stability and safety after a traumatic period during the Second World War.

The Soviet Union has said that the trusteeship will not work. It is strongly pushing for a two-state solution. According to the representative, the trusteeship solution is only a way to postpone current problems, and he also warned about the possibility of armed conflict at a much larger scale in the future. Belgium also stated that “the right of a people to have a state of their own is not to be put aside.”

During an unmoderated caucus Pakistan received a warning for breaching diplomatic etiquette.

Even though some of the states have clearly stated their positions, there is still a great deal of confusion as to which concrete solution will be applied. The debates seemed to lack structure and methodology, and most arguments have more or less been repeated without effect. This stalemate could be broken if the Council decides to go for a more pragmatic and less demagogical approach of the discussion.

Despite this, a working paper will be discussed in the second half of the day, which will start to shape the position which this Council will take regarding a possible solution.

Article by Vlad Bujdei

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