Today’s proceedings started out productively. Two different working papers were presented before the chairs in order to be discussed. One presented the point of view of the Arab states, while the other presented the way that states like Denmark, the Soviet Union, and the U.S.A. viewed the solution. A strong militarization of the area was proposed in order to help form a local body of lawful enforcement. However, considering the instability in the area, it would have meant that two groups with a propensity towards hostility against each other had the means to carry out unfathomable acts.

The calm situation quickly changed when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin Al-Husseini was found dead in the Al-Hakim Mosque in Cairo, Egypt. The act was claimed by the militant Zionist group Lehi.

The Jewish people are schooled in self-sacrifice and suffering; its vision, survivability and faith in redemption are indestructible. The nation and its land: Israel must conquer the land with the sword. There is no sovereignty without the redemption of the land, and there is no national revival without sovereignty.”

The group has threatened both Arab and British forces in the area with terrorist actions. Protests broke out in Jerusalem, with 30 civilians and 3 policemen injured so far. The British have mobilized their entire corps of 70.000 troops stations in the area and have announced that they were authorized to use deadly force.

The situation was looking grim, despite the best intentions from all of the members of the Trusteeship Committee. However, the delegates remained unfazed in their goal to submit a draft resolution. In a frantic 20 minute unmoderated caucus, they focused their efforts in order to facilitate the situation in the Middle East. This Committee has been the embodiment of the “united nations” concept.


Vlad Bujdei-Tebeica

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