UN Missions: Peacekeeping or Oppression?

BISMUN 2019 is currently hosting its last committee sessions. However, the delegates don’t have the time to feel nostalgic yet, there is still a lot of work to do. For the Crisis Committee, the situation is even more special, as updates are constantly coming and problems are arising out of nowhere. The nations in the chamber are ready to put the issue to bed once and for all. The question is how it will all turn out. Will we have a Yugoslavia?

The session begins with a short briefing for the delegates. The chairpersons tell them the most important details and events of our situation. The quorum is then verified and the delegates express their wish to be added on the General Speakers’ List and voice their opinions. Austria is the one to begin, saying that, for Yugoslavia, there has been no mercy. It is not about interests, it is about people, thus, the delegate of Austria delivers a speech through which he requests peaceful solutions. The delegate of Croatia takes the floor and affirms that tensions are mainly fueled by Serbia. This is why he requests the presence of the Serbian ambassador in order to reach a certain consensus, saying that without the respective ambassador, talks cannot progress.

The Crisis Committee decides to enter a moderated caucus in order to discuss the situation in Bosnia. “This is a complete and utter disaster!”, declared the delegate of the UK. Bosnia finds itself in an alarming state, this is why the Security Council has to take action against the JNA. Croatia takes the floor again, declaring that the ethnical groups need to receive autonomy and that Serbia has to “withdraw their support that is fueling the conflict inside the country.” The delegate of Yugoslavia believes that dividing every part of the territory is only going to instigate to even more violence. The delegate the Cuba supports dialogue between rebel groups and superior political organizations, saying that this is the only way to find a true peaceful solution.

The next 7 minutes are dedicated to an unmoderated caucus. Seems like strategies still need to be ratified, decisions are eagerly waiting to be made and the international community finds itself in the eye of the storm.
The representative of the Serbian Government entered the chamber. Serbia delivers a speech, declaring that the international community “is backing sides without solid evidence”. The representative said that, even though they had civil casualties, they achieved everything all alone, unlike nations like Croatia which were backed up by NATO. The committee enters a short Q&A session, through which Serbia declares that everything they’ve done was for the security of the Serbian citizens. The Serbian representative accuses France of crashing their own plane in order to cause more casualties. However, the UK is deeply annoyed by such affirmations and reminds the representative that France was providing humanitarian aid. Serbia also sees UN peacekeeping missions as UN oppression.

The delegate of the United Kingdom brings into discussion the existence of a Dark empire in the Balkans. Yugoslavia declares that only the external involvement has fueled this conflict, provoking multiple casualties. All these affirmations lead to another unmoderated caucus.
After a short coffee break, the delegates return to finish what has been started. An important step towards peace is the ceasefire in the case of Bosnia. This gives us hope that consensus will be reached with nations like Serbia as well.

The committee then introduces Resolution 1.5. The Cuban representative repeats his words from two days ago, some would say that these are words of wisdom: “Peace can only be achieved through a peace process.” Sometimes you have to state and restate the obvious, isn’t that true?
Accusations continue to be spread. Did the US bribe anybody with the sole purpose of fulfilling personal, social and political interests? The groups of Macedonia need to be convinced to step down so that the conflict will not escalate anymore. The US denies the accusation, saying that there is no such thing as bribing the Albanians.
“Yugoslavia is doing just fine”, declares its representative. Following emotional, angry or happy speeches, the Resolution passed with a clear majority. Seems like the Crisis Committee adopts a lot of decision. Hopefully, they will be efficient enough.

Written by Daria Popa, Press Officer

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