War on drugs at the Security Council and Crisis Committee

SC SI CThe last day of debate sessions began as an enormous surprise for the Security Council. They were all announced that they were going to work with the Crisis Committee for the whole day, thing that made our beloved Ambassadors express their happiness and excitement as they were going to show their diplomatic and strategic skills somewhere else.

Firstly, they had the pleasure to meet the Crisis Ambassadors, who seemed extremely thrilled to have them here today.  The debate began more tantalizing than ever, as the topic was “War on Drugs”, an extremely controversial subject.

The majority of the present Ambassadors suggested that the only solution to be implemented in order to stop this issue would be “closing the borders”. (“By closing our borders we’ll stop the drug traffic”). New Zeeland totally sustained this idea, confessing that “all we need is increased board security and control”. But the New Zeeland delegate was not the only one to support this motion. Senegal, the UK and Spain contributed in this alliance too, even advocating the temporary enclosure of the Schengen Space and the impossibility to travel around the world only with a passport, just as our lovely Spain Ambassador stated: “We had to opt for extreme measures, as we have the aim to solve this problem as soon as possible for our people’s safety”.

However, the Russian Ambassador didn’t seem to agree with the undetermined period of time in the act of declaring that this unlimited extent “does not bring any economic stability”. Moreover, his concept was adopted by the delegates of Egypt, of the UK and of Japan. They announced that, from their point of view, the whole Economy would fall the exact moment the inbound and outbound transports would be.

As a result of the Russian Delegation’s initiative, the United States of America became angry and decided to attack the Ambassador’s adjudication by accusing The Russian Federation of not having the will to cooperate with the other UN States which seemed the only solution to this important issue.

Stay tuned for more news from the Security Council and Crisis Committee!

By Madalina Mastacaneanu, Laura Dascalu, Andreea Palastea – Security COuncil and Crisis Committee Press Officers

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