The third day of BISMUN continues, with more fruitful debates.  After settling on a resolution for the main topic of the committee, in the remainder of the sessions, the attendees chose to discuss the secondary theme of the SPECPOL Committee:  providing assistance to Palestinian refugees, The delegate of the USA opened the second issue on the agenda with a motion on defining the people of Palestine that actually qualify as refugees, and what their current status IS.

Secondly, it was the delegate of Turkey that proposed a motion on economic measures of compensation for the Palestinian refugees. The reason behind this motion is pretty well known: seeing as Palestinians do not have a geographic territory of their own, offering some sort of compensation is the right thing to do.  Their wellbeing became quite a controversial topic of discussion, as it sparked multiple debates between the delegates of Turkey, the Russian Federation and USA.

Things took a spicier turn when multiple delegates broke the diplomatic protocol, by using terms such as hypocritical, regarding one another. Luckily, the chairpersons were present and knew how to handle it with grace, even momentarily. It so happened that such language was used again by other delegates, who asked for another warning from the chairs.

Apparently, this was a much more approachable and enjoyable topic for the delegates, as they became immersed so much more in the subject as compared to the Sudanese civil war and the migrant issue. In addition to this, after the last break of the day, the committee began the final session, discussing the role of international communities providing aid to the people of Palestine.  Two motions were put forward by the delegates of the Ethiopia and Israel respectively. Since the Israeli delegate’s motion failed, the Ethiopian delegate’s motion passed. The delegate of Ethiopia’s motion was addressed, regarding aid provision for people in refugee camps, courtesy of UNRWA.

Later on in the committee, an unmoderated caucus was summoned by the delegate of Egypt. Last but not least, it was time for the chairs to read that day’s pile of gossips from the Gossip Box and for the delegates to partake in the punishments. Tomorrow is going to close the debates, as the SPECPOL Committee takes on the General Assembly.


Written by Ioana Florescu, Press Officer

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