After a day spent in continuous debates, delegates from the ECOSOC committee are more and more enthusiastic about coming to a resolution which contains and integrates all the points and solutions given by our delegates.

After an un-moderated caucus, the resolution was read in front of everybody by the delegation of Sudan. On account of the resolution, the chairpersons proposed an un-moderated caucus in order to discuss amendments. Everyone tried to use the time in the most effective way so, in the end of the day, the delegates arrived at the final form of the resolution.

There was also a funny moment when every delegate voted the funny awards and the committee was dominated by laughter and joy.

Thus having analyzed all these rounds of deliberation, all parties succeeded in cooperating, which led them to coming up with a draft resolution under the circumstances of great pressure and numerous conflicts of interests. All in all, it seems that our delegates managed to negotiate with each other and to be fully productive and efficient in order to achieve the greater good for the international community!

Well-done, dear delegates!

By Andreea Mazga, ECOSOC Press Officer

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