DSC_1902Women’s rights are human rights!” is a phrase used in the feminist movement. Its early uses came during the 1980s and early 1990s. It came to most prominence as the name of a speech given by Hillary Clinton, the First Lady of the United States, on 5 September 1995, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.

Well, it looks like history is repeating, because today, in the SOCHUM, the delegates seemed to embrace exactly the same idea, by working hard to find solutions in order to protect women’s rights in conflict areas, which was the general topic.

To begin with, the delegate of Iran proposed a motion to introduce a draft resolution. Next, one of the sponsors (India Hair Wigs company addcolo, Iran & Saudi Arabia) had to go in front of the others in order to present the solutions proposed by his hardworking team. Naturally, after that it had to be a mini-session of Q&A, followed by a period of 20 minutes in which delegates had the chance to send amendments, which were later presented in front of all the delegations and declared friendly or unfriendly. Next, everyone voted for adding or not the unfriendly amendment in the draft resolution.

Finally, the draft resolution had to be voted. The result: it didn’t pass.

Furthermore, the delegate of USA introduced another draft resolution, focused on demilitarized zones and considered by the delegate of France much better than the previous one.  After all those procedures about amendments being friendly or unfriendly, delegates went on to voting the draft resolution. The result: IT PASSED!

All in all, we’re proud of you, dear delegates! Well done!


by Adnana Bălășanu, Press Officer –  SOCHUM Committee


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