Writing Paper Finalisation At ECOSOC

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-26 at 13.05.35The final day of committee sessions at the ECOSOC Committee started with an unmoderated caucus, where the delegation of France presented their Working Paper to the other delegations; then the delegates debated on whether stricter regulations should be implemented or not. The delegation of the USA firmly opposed to it, but Czech Republic agreed with the rest of the countries to put more pressure on the subject as well as on the subject of including more clauses about protecting emergency economies.


After this, a moderated caucus about the Working Paper started: the USA declared that there is no need for another economical organization in the world and the delegation of the UK declared that its delegation is very pleased with the measures taken until now.


The delegates were very productive today and another Unmoderated Caucus has taken place just before the first break. This time, the delegates discussed about the two proposed working papers, one from the countries from Europe and one from the countries in Central and South America, together with the developing countries.


Ghana considers that ECOSOC is far before the other committees regarding coordination. ECOSOC is very productive and, regardless of the active night they had, they still manage to concentrate to discuss the topic.

Funny moments still exist in ECOSOC, where the delegates of USA, UK, India and Guatemala sang the karaoke version of “Wrecking Ball” and the atmosphere became relaxed, warm and open, which yielded to another Unmoderated Caucus on the topic of Writing Paper.


After all, all the countries cooperated very well in order to find solutions on the topic of “Creation of Robust International Economic Coordination Systems to Minimize Adverse Spillover Effects of Advanced Nations’ Monetary Policies”.

by Tania Todorov, ECOSOC Press Officer

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